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Drive Conversions and Traffic on Twitter With Website Cards

Posted on Dec 20, 2014 in Articles, social ads

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been looking for ways to connect on Twitter in a meaningful and profitable way. According to the platform, 47 percent of Twitter users who follow a SMB visit the company’s website.

This year Twitter has created a Website Cards ad unit that is intended to drive website clicks or conversions. Website cards include additional content on a tweet with an image, button, and link. Each element of the card links directly to the website. These ad units are served on both desktop and mobile, however Twitter does allow selection of the combination of devices advertisers want to target.


Conversion tracking is available through the ad interface by creating a new code snippet and pasting into the website.

Twitter walks advertisers through the process in the ad interface.


Here are some tips for creating Twitter Website Cards:

Ad Copy Creative

  • Take advantage of holiday or special promotions. Now is great time to test seasonal campaigns, when consumers are looking for promotions.
  • The goal of these ads is to drive conversions or traffic, so including a compelling call-to-action is essential. This can be included in the ad copy, but should be used in combination with a drop-down of six recommended options from Twitter like “read more” or “shop now.”
  • Twitter has found that shorter tweets, less than 100 characters, get 18 percent more click-throughs. Refine ad copy until it is concise and to the point.
  • Test different images to optimize results, such as product shots vs, people using products and so on.

Cohesive Message

  • Ensure the ad copy and image match up with the landing page to reduce bounces after click-through. The potential customer wants to know they are getting what they clicked on.


  • Targeting on Twitter can get very granular. Rather than create the ad and selecting targeting on the fly, map out the targeting options and create several campaigns to compare and test.
  • Take advantage of the “limit-targeting’ feature. This allows advertisers to exclude audiences by uploading a list of emails, Twitter IDs, mobile advertising IDs, or website visitor lists.
  • Optimize targeting as the results flow in toward best results. You will see in the Twitter Ad interface detailed performance data. Cut out what isn’t working for targeting.

Twitter Ads offers several great options for SMBs to reach and leverage social audiences. For more, Twitter made a short introductory video you can find on YouTube.



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