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Speaking Next Week! Zenith Social Media Conference

Posted on May 15, 2012 in Conferences, PPC, social ads

social media marketing crowdIf you’ve never seen the beautiful rocky shores of Lake Superior, here’s your chance! The Zenith Social Media conference, held May 23rd, promises to turn social media marketing into a moneymaker for your business

“An Overview of the Social Media Advertising Universe”.

Wondering about paid advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn? Well…it’s way different than search PPC and you can serve billions of highly targeted or dozens of micro targeted impressions to serve various marketing goals. Does the opportunity to target YouTube viewers with enticing ads see like a possible win? How about those “Ads by Google on the New York Times? Want to place your ad in such places? Join nationally known speaker Lisa Raehsler for a no holds barred multi-channel social media PPC excursion on an incredible guided tour of the social advertising universe. Attend this session or read about hear that you should have.

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