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Mobile PPC Resources For Advertisers

Posted on Dec 5, 2013 in mobile PPC, PPC strategy

Ready for mobile PPC?

Often companies don’t think mobile applies to them, and don’t consider it a realistic PPC strategy. Check out some of the resources below to find out what’s holding you back and learn more from research and best practices.

Mobile Research

Research tells all! Learn different POVs on mobile usage and consumer behavior.

Best Practices

On Webmaster Radio listen to Mobile Advertising Best Practices (Mobile PPC, Bing Ads and More) where Brad Geddes of Certified Knowledge and I discuss:

  1. Thinking about mobile strategies by industry
  2. How to know if you’re ready for mobile
  3. What type of site to use
On Bing Ad’s LinkedIn Group, check out PPC Ideas Exchange: 5 Mobile PPC Best Practices and Discussion where mobile PPC tips include:
  1. Mobile strategy
  2. Searcher Intent
  3. Targeting
  4. Ad Copy
  5. Landing Pages

Mobile Ads Comparison

Side-by-side comparison of mobile search ads with same search query on same device at approximately same time.



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