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HeroConf 2015

Posted on Apr 24, 2015 in Events, PPC

HeroConf 2015Join me and connect this year at HeroConf where I will be speaking on Monday, April 27th. The conference is “the world’s largest all PPC conference, and each year it brings the biggest names and brightest minds, together under one roof to discuss the tactics, strategies, present and future of pay-per-click advertising.” This year it will be held in Portland, Oregon.

My co-presenter is Sean McGinnis Director of Marketing at Sears PartsDirect. Follow him on Twitter: @seanmcginnis

My Heroconf session takes place at 11a.m., Quality Score: As Relevant As It’s Ever Been:

It may seem like the simplest of PPC ideas, but it’s as important as ever. Learn the most important components to increase your quality scores and how they can impact the overall success of your paid search campaigns.

This is my fourth HeroConf speaking event since 2012, and I m delighted to be joining and part of the speaker team!

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